We are very excited about our new training format! This new format will allow you to customize your training to meet your own needs/goals.

All classes will be small in size to maximize individual attention and will run on 4 week rotations.

We are also pleased to announce our *NEW* Kids n' K-9's class! Our daughter, Sidney, will head this fun class that is specifically designed to encourage your child to interact with and take part in training the family dog.

Cost:  All classes are $80/4 weeks (Private Lessons Available)


Commands covered in this class:  Sit, down, stay, come when called & introduction to heeling.


Commands covered in this class:  Drop on recall, recall through distractions, heeling & out of sight stays.


Commands covered in this class:  Handler focus work, doorway/staircase manners, loose leash walking & dog-person greetings.


Commands covered in this class:  Leave it, go to your place, dog-dog meetings & impulse control.


Finally a class targeted for kids, taught by one of their peers!  This class will focus on teaching your child how to interact, train & have fun with the family dog.  Our daughter, Sidney Thompson, will be the instructor with us overseeing the class and assisting where needed.

Topics covered in this class will be:  Sit, down, stay, come when called, loose leash walking & a fun, weekly trick.

All children participating in this class must be physically able to managed their K-9 partner.

*All prices are subject to HST.